Custom Doors Corp of Miami

We stock a wide variety of non-standard doors and frames. We offer 18-gage doors embossed with six panels. We also offer Dutch doors, side lights, window frames, communicating frames, transom frames, double egress frames and our new expandable frames.



Engineered Doors


Custom Doors stocks a wide variety of non-standard doors and frames including:


18-Gage Doors Embossed With Six Panels

Dutch Doors

Side Lites

Window Frames

Communicating Frames

Transom Frames

Double Egress Frames

Our New Expandable Frames

Hollow Metal Doors


Custom Doors' steel doors offer the most complete package of standard options in the industry. All our steel doors are manufactured to CSDMA, SDI, and HMMA / NAAMM specifications.


Available in 18-gage and 16-gage galvanized steel.


All doors comply with Dade County specifications and are Warnock Hersey Fire Rated.

Engineered Doors

Special doors for special projects are handled with precision and care.